About Us

Toki -  (n) 
  1. time; hour; moment
  2. occasion; case
  3. chance; opportunity; season
  4. the times; the age; the day

We never forget the games that made us.  The countless hours spent with friends or that feeling of achievement overcoming the hardships of the final boss.  The bittersweet nostalgia of the televisions glow or first tonal sound of booting up a new console.   

Gaming is more than a simple pass time.  It brings people together.  It creates trust and strengthens friendships (or rivalries).  And in modern times, it creates careers and livelihoods.  

Toki-X-Toki represents that time by time, hour by hour, moment by moment, that we spend travelling away and living in these other worlds, by ourselves or with the people we care about. 

Retro and modern gamer apparel and products, designed with passion and love.

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